Rounders Team Leader

How long have you been volunteering for SASP?

This is the 10th year that I have been involved although for the first year or two my involvement was fairly "light touch" and probably shouldn't count!

How did you get into volunteering with SASP?

Although I have no history of being involved in team games, I had always been fairly active. I wanted to play some social, light hearted sport as a way of getting some healthy outdoor exercise and as a means of releasing some of the stress and strain of a fairly high pressured office based job. The Rounders project seemed the perfect vehicle for this so I decided to form my own team of friends and work colleagues. That team, The All Rounders has been an ever present in both the summer and winter leagues ever since and as a group we now do other things like go to concerts, informal beach rounders, quiz teams etc.

What tasks do you carry out in your volunteering role?

My main role is the weekly organisation of my team, a team which has actually developed into more of a club over the years. Some weeks this is very easy and my hardest job is keeping everyone happy, other weeks though I might still be scrambling around trying to fill the team minutes before the start! Being one of the most experienced team organisers, I offer help to other people doing the same, particularly those who are new to the league.

Other "roles" I fulfil all fall under the umbrella of helping Stewart, Lauren and the team to ensure the smooth running of the program. I am part of the informal "steering group" that helps plan the season ahead and deals with issues as they arise, I will help respond to questions and queries on the Facebook group, particularly if a quick reply is needed. If they need another umpire I step down from playing and umpire instead, at the start of each evening I will help get teams to the right pitch and make sure they have everything necessary. At the end of the evening I will always be there to help take down the pitch and pack the bags.

Why do you like volunteering?

I like helping people, it's a big part of my make up but mainly because it has put me in contact with fantastic people, many of whom I now consider some of my closest friends. I love the friendly, social nature of our evenings. Whilst everyone would prefer to win, we never become overly competitive and consider that the main reason for us being there is to have fun, enjoy each other's company and look forward to coming back next week. I would like to think that I play a part in fostering that spirit.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering with SASP?

The rewards are so fulfilling and people are so appreciative of what you do.

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

  • Sport England
    Active Partnerships
    Somerset Business Award Winner
    Somerset Chamber of Commerce
    Disability Confident
  • Somerset Skills & Learning
    Youth Sport Trust
    activity alliance
    Somerset Partnership
    Somerset County Council
    Avon & Somerset Police
  • Homes in Sedgemoor
    Macmillan Cancer Support
    Community Council for Somerset
    Spark Somerset
    YMCA Dulverton Group
    Department for Work & Pensions
  • EDF
    together team
    Somerset Cricket Board
    British American Football Association
    Badminton England
  • Somerset FA
    British Cycling
    Create Development
    Children in Need
    The Salvation Army
  • Channel Adventure
    Nova Sports & Coaching
    Somerset Community Foundation
    Sports Coach UK