Participants, Friends & Family

Participants, Friends & Family

Participants, Friends and Family

How does it work?

Thank you for your interest in Move 2 Independence, a service designed to support you, or your loved one to regain fitness for independence following a stay in hospital. The service is focussed on functional goals and everyday living tasks, using resources and guidance from SASP and any helping hands available, to kick start your next steps in keeping you well at home.

Helping Hands

Having family or friends provide extra support, guidance and motivation can make a real difference to recovery. SASP would like to include all friends and family in the Move 2 Independence service by offering them the following:

1. When your loved one is referred to M2I and you are supporting with activities, you will be sent a link to a video which will cover the following:

  • Why movement is important after a hospital stay
  • How much physical activity is recommended, how often and the types of fitness that helps someone to stay strong and functionally fit
  • What activities are available
  • How to monitor intensity and when to progress/regress
  • Tools to motivate and guide towards positive physical activity experiences
  • Signposting to other opportunities in the community

2. How to have positive conversations about moving more at home resource – This supports the training and is a useful and quick reminder of what can help and why. A copy will be sent to you when your loved one is referred to M2I.

Image of electronic version embedded here - hyperlink

3. Drop ins: Zoom meetings will be hosted fortnightly for you to drop in and ask questions or feed back on progress. SASP will also attend Talking Cafes both in the hospitals and community should you prefer a face to face conversation about the service'.

A list of dates and times for all drop ins will be coming soon!

List of dates set up on Zoom and listed here.

4. Direct line of contact with SASP – A dedicated email address for advice and support.

Move 2 Independence Activators

If you do not have any support with your next steps after hospital discharge, an Activator might be able to help you. Employed by SASP, a Move 2 Independence Activator works with you in your home, finding ways to move to keep you mobile and independent through seated activity.

SASP will have 4 Activators across the county who will deliver Move 2 Independence in peoples' homes for up to 6 sessions. They will possess a minimum of a Level 2 seated exercise qualification and be insured by SASP to deliver this safely one to one.

Please note: Activators must not be expected to move or handle participants or provide any personal care during their visit, so the participant must be able to manage this independently or with a carer for the duration. Move 2 Independence may work alongside existing rehabilitation programmes provided on discharge, but Activators must not be expected to deliver this on behalf of therapy services.

How Do I Join?

Before you leave hospital, please speak to the health professional discharging you to express an interest in a Move 2 Independence referral. They will check you are in the best position to benefit from the service, based on your readiness, health needs and goals.

Sloppy Slippers

NEED A PAIR OF WELL FITTING SLIPPERS? Reducing your risk of falling in the home is important after a hospital stay, where you may have lost strength, balance and confidence on your feet. With every Move 2 Independence referral, participants will be offered a free pair of supportive slippers.

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Move 2 Independence with SASP

Move 2 Independence with SASP

01823 653990

Once referred, you can expect to be contacted by SASP to discuss your interest and choices.

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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