Bridgwater Health and Wellbeing Coaches

Our SASP Health and Wellbeing Coaching service supports people with long term conditions to access physical activity in order to promote and protect their health. If you are living with a long term health condition, at risk of diabetes or just ready to take control of your health, our team of Health and Wellbeing Coaches can give you the support you need to make healthy changes to your lifestyle.

The Health Coaching service is available to anyone registered with one of the following GP practices:

  • Cranleigh Gardens Medical Centre
  • East Quay Medical Centre
  • Taunton Road Medical Centre
  • Redgate Medical Centre
  • Somerset Bridge Medical Centre
  • North Petherton Surgery
  • Polden Medical Practice
  • Cannington Health Centre
  • Quantock Medical Centre

Your Health Coach will work with you, taking into account your current health issues and ability, to find ways to build more health-giving movement and social activities into your lifestyle. You can gain access to a wide range of fun and fulfilling activities that are free or affordable, giving you more confidence to build your healthy future.

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Group Programmes

If you would like support with the social aspect of meeting others in similar situations, you can attend one of the group programmes run by the Health and Wellbeing Coaches. Examples include 12 week weight-loss programme, Women's Wellness and Healthy Living with Pain. Details below of upcoming courses.

Upcoming Events

Active Lifestyle, Healthy Weight, 12 week course with the Bridgwater Health and Wellbeing Coaches - September 2021

Active Lifestyle, Healthy Weight, 12 week course with the Bridgwater Health and Wellbeing Coaches - September 2021

Fri, 24 Sep 2021 (11:15 - 12:45)

YMCA Bridgwater, TA6 3RF

Weight management for better health. During this 12 week programme you will learn how to make achievable changes that stick, as well as having a chance to try some fun, accessible activities.

This is a 12 week programme, every Friday starting September 24th.

Meet Your Coaches

Claire Hunter

Claire Hunter

Senior Health & Wellbeing Coach

07305 059541

Practices: You'll most likely see me if you go to Cranleigh Gardens Medical Centre or Polden Medical Centre.

I'm really interested in: My background is in helping people develop healthy posture and movement patterns; I am especially interested in chronic pain and how we can use movement and healthy lifestyle to live well with pain. I've lived with pain since childhood and I think that helps me relate to the barriers that our patients face when trying to be more active.

I'm really passionate that everyone has a right to access good health, and that means making movement and physical activity available and rewarding for all kinds of people living in all kinds of bodies.

I like to move by: I'm a bellydancer and dance, music and community are really important motivators for me to get moving. I love being out in nature, I walk my dogs and garden. Strength sports are my favourite (I don't have the co-ordination for most other sports), ever since I watched Geoff Capes on the TV as a kid I wanted to have a go at picking up the big things. Getting stronger is incredibly empowering!

Something else about me: I keep ducks, they are just the best.

Rachael Cherry

Rachael Cherry

Health & Wellbeing Coach

07305 101632

Practices: I will be available at Redgate and Somerset Bridge Medical Centres.

I'm really interested in: My background is in health psychology and helping people with chronic health conditions to overcome barriers to being more active. I am interested in helping people find ways to exercise that they really enjoy and are passionate about.

I like to move by: I practice martial arts and teach self-defence. I like that it doesn't feel like a chore and I am getting fit and learning something at the same time. When I am training my mind switches off from any anxiety I have. To relax, I like to do Yin Yoga and walking as it helps my body and mind find a nice calm place.

Something else about me: I have very spoiled pet cats called Tofu and Boggle that I rescued when I was working in Saudi Arabia.

Grace Fildes

Grace Fildes

Health & Wellbeing Coach

07305 058763

Practices: I'll be working with you if you go to Taunton Road Medical Centre, North Petherton Surgery or Quantock Medical Centre.

I'm really interested in: I would like to help people feel better through movement, whether that is physically, mentally or hopefully both! I have a family history of diabetes so I understand the challenges faced by both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, as well as having an idea of how to overcome those challenges and move safely and enjoyably.

I like to move by: I love to dance, I enjoy many types of dance but lyrical is my favourite. I also love dogs and enjoy a nice walk in the countryside.

Something else about me: I worked at Disneyland Paris for a summer, and became best friends with Eeyore.

Jacqueline Goodacre

Jacqueline Goodacre

Health & Wellbeing Coach

07305 101633

Practices: You'll most likely see me if you go to East Quay Medical Centre, Victoria Park Medical Centre or Cannington Medical Centre.

I'm really interested in: helping people to use resistance training to maintain and build muscle mass and bone density, and increase strength. Why? Because this will help them to impact their everyday movements and life, leading to them living a more independent life for longer.

Weight loss is also an interest of mine; simplifying and debunking some of the confusing messages in the media. Having been through my own weight loss journey, I feel I can empathise with people wishing to lose weight, and perhaps struggling to do so.

I like to move by: Lifting heavy things, and also getting outside for coastal and countryside walks. Strength training is my favourite because I'm a bit of a numbers geek and I can track my progress; lifting that little bit more each time feels great!

Something else about me: I love to bake! Who doesn't love a few sweet treats?

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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