Fit for Surgery & Beyond - Your Journey Starts Here

Fit for Surgery & Beyond - Your Journey Starts Here

Fit for Surgery and Beyond

Welcome to Fit for Surgery and Beyond, a partnership between Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP). You will find out more about why you've been directed here and what you can do to be in the best health for your surgery.

Who's Involved?

You may have recently been referred by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust in Somerset for consideration of a surgical procedure and have been directed to the SASP website for support and guidance around getting fitter and stronger while you wait. As a collaboration, we want to help you get the very best outcome from your operation.

What happens before you go in for surgery and when you go home is just as important as the care you are provided while in hospital itself, so it is important for all parties that you prepare well and be in the best possible health throughout the journey.

What is it?

Fit for Surgery and Beyond is strongly supported by a range of health professionals across various surgical assessment teams in Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and provides you with ways to boost your overall fitness and wellbeing in preparation for surgery, as well as life beyond this.

Think of the time you have now as preparation time rather than waiting time and an opportunity to really help improve your chances of surgery success!

Why Move More?

Research suggests the fitter, stronger and healthier you are going into surgery, the lower your risk of complications (such as infections and blood clots), the quicker your recovery and the more successful your operation is likely to be. Post-operative complications can be very serious, can delay you going home and can sometimes lead to re-admission to hospital. Having major surgery like a hip or knee replacement puts a large amount of physical stress on your body, a bit like running a marathon, so you need to prepare well just like training for any strenuous event.

For adults and older adults, the government recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week, so try to find something you enjoy and exercise regularly leading up to your surgery

Continue your journey...

Have you been referred for consideration of a hip or knee replacement?

If you have recently been referred by the Orthopaedic Assessment Service in Somerset for consideration of a hip or knee replacement, click below to find out more about your journey.

Lianne Clarke (she/her)

Lianne Clarke (she/her)

Health Development Manager

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Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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