SASP Take Time Exercise Videos

SASP Take Time Exercise Videos

SASP Take Time Exercise Videos

'SASP Take Time' encourages people to move at a pace that works for them. There isn't any music or counts to keep to and you can start and stop the videos at any time should this be required. Find the time, place and pace that works for you!

Created by qualified SASP Instructors, the new movement videos can be used at home or at work, alone or with family/friends and with general health or specific health issues in mind. 'SASP Take Time' videos are all identifiable by the content time and theme e.g. 'SASP Take 10 Seated strength' and focus on gentle movement that can be adapted as ability and preferences allow. Strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, cardiovascular fitness and movement to ease back pain all feature within 'SASP Take Time' with seated and standing versions available so people can choose the level depending on how they feel.


  • If you are unsure about starting an exercise program due to a health issue/being deconditioned, please chat to your GP or a health professional before embarking on any activity.
  • Before you start, make sure you are wearing loose comfortable clothing that you can move easily in and comfortable non-slip footwear.
  • Remove any slip or trip hazards around the area you are going to be active in.
  • If you are unsteady on your feet, you can do the activity sitting down in an upright chair (dining type), and sit in a tall upright position. The chair should be placed against something sturdy to stop it from moving about.
  • If you feel any discomfort, then stop what you are doing and take a break.
  • The activity will increase your breathing slightly, but if you feel very out of breath then slow down or stop/take a break.
  • Listen to your body and only do what it can manage.
  • Make sure you have water to hand to keep hydrated.

Enjoy your activity session!!

Seated/Standing - Full Exercise Class

This exercise session has standing and seated alternatives for you, in order to make it inclusive.

It will help to improve your balance and stability, strength, mobility and flexibility.

We have split the session into 3 videos, so that you can do either separate components or the whole thing. You can try the broken up shorter classes, or the full 50 minute class.

These sessions are suitable for all and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Recommended for people looking to improve their balance, strength, mobility and/or flexibility.

Intro to Strength & Flex - Shortened Exercise Class

Recommended for people looking to improve their strength and flexibility.

Intro to Mobility - Shortened Exercise Class

Recommended for people looking to improve their mobility.

Covid-19: Exercise Videos You Can Do At Home

Join in with these home video's that SASP staff Jo has made during the corona virus pandemic. You don't need any specialist equipment and we advise to only do what works for you and your abilities.

There are different exercises for when you are waiting for the kettle to boil to building strength in your upper and lower body and working on your balance and stability.

For more info on classes or other related things, please contact Jo Smith.

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith

Physical Activity on Referral Manager

01823 653990

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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