We believe that consistently checking in on our mental health with our 'Mental Health MOT Quiz' is just as important as any yearly MOT you would get to maintain the health of your vehicle. You can take the quiz by clicking here, or on the link below.

Make sure you keep a note of your scores as you go, you will need this total number at the end!

Your Scores Explained

If you scored between 9-17:

You certainly have a lot on your mind don't you? If you were a car we'd say you've been brought in just in time. When a car is on the blink we take it to someone mechanically minded don't we? Well, the brain is simply part of the engine our body uses to function.

If it's on the blink you'd probably benefit from speaking to these 'mechanics' listed here:

*The Midline Emotional support and mental health helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the meantime come meet some of us that also suffer with our motors from time to time

If you scored between 18-27:

You might be feeling like you're a bit of a boxer right now, fighting a battle everyday. But everyone can benefit from some time to talk and reach out about their mental wellbeing. History shows time and time again that the ones who speak out and take action, increase their chances of winning significantly. Let's look at your motor and see if we can get it firing on all cylinders again!

If you scored between 28-37:

Results are in and you my friend appear to have a bit of a flat tyre. You need a little work and clearly don't feel at your best, although you might not tell looking at you. Did you know the simple act of doing a little meaningful activity can vastly improve your mental wellbieng? Doing that activity with like minded people? Well that just makes its effects that much stronger. Come meet us and we can find out together what that activity is.

If you scored 37 or more:

Chances are, you're doing pretty well. But looking good on paper and actually being okay are two different things aren't they? Perhaps you need a community to feel part of, and we could use people like you to help other men who maybe feel less in control than you do. Join our group of local men and let's work together!

Taken The MOT Quiz? Join our Facebook Community!

Our Facebook Group is where the Unbreakable Men community is based and where you can get involved with working through the Unbreakable Men Manual, live trainings and gain access to the physical activity challenges. Most importantly, it's here that you can be part of the Unbreakable Men community!

Gareth John

Gareth John

Community Resilience Adult Lead

01823 653990
Aden Watkins (he/him)

Aden Watkins (he/him)

West Somerset Senior Health & Wellbeing Coach

Sammy Wright

Sammy Wright

Senior Health & Wellbeing Coach (Bridgwater)

07599 654680

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Partners and Sponsors

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