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Latest from Susie....

"When the evenings starting getting lighter I decided to try and make the most of them and to start running again . I took my dog with me for 'moral support'…we both needed more exercise so it killed two birds with one stone. He turned in to a pretty good running partner and I've carried on running with him since.

I signed up to take part in the 5k Race for Life which really helped with keeping me motivated to get out and run.

My highlights over the past few months have been taking part in the race for life event and raising £130 for Cancer Research and also being able to run for 1 hour without stopping. When I started running in April I was only able to run for 3 minutes before stopping.

I haven't found running easy and I've had weeks when I haven't wanted to go but the feeling that I've got when I have gone out running far out weighs the bad points. Being able to run further and faster is also really very motivating.

I still try and do yoga as part of my cool down after I've ran and I will be looking to do more yoga in the autumn. I'd like to get the balance between going running and doing yoga a bit more equal...to enjoy the energy that I get from running and the calm i get from yoga.

I feel comfortable running a distance of 5k now and I'm looking forward to getting out more and keeping myself and my dog well exercised. It's not just me who's enjoying my new hobby."

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Partners and Sponsors

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