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Research and Insight

Research and Insight

Tackling Inactivity

A guide to Sport England's Approach and Investment

Women and Girls

Up-to-date research exploring the relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more women more active.

Click here for the latest interactive guide on helping women and girls to get active.

Youth Insight

Sport England insight into the challenge of growing youth participation in sport.

Market Segmentation

Sport England's market segmentation has been designed to help understand the life stages and attitudes of different population groups –and the sporting interventions most likely to engage them.

Active People Survey

The number of people playing sport is tracked continuously through Active People – the largest survey of sport and active recreation ever carried out in Europe.

Since 2005/6, the findings have become a valuable resource for the sports sector. Results are released in June and December each year.


Sport England have launched a tool which helps calculate the cost benefits of sport and improved health.

MOVES is based on the evidence that increased physical activity reduces the risk of a number of diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These diseases cost money to treat and reduce quality of life.

The tool will help you to demonstrate the economic benefits of improved health through participating in sport and wider physical activity.

Click here to find out more and access the tool.

Getting Active Outdoors

Sport England have released 'Getting Active Outdoors': A Study of Demography, Motivation, Participation and Provision in Outdoor Sport and Recreation in England. It examines the demand and supply of outdoor provision and takes an in-depth look at the profile of the outdoor consumer.

Workshops are being run across the country. Click here for the dates and venues.

Use Our School

This resource is to support schools in opening their facilities to the community and contains case studies, useful tips, videos and downloadable resources.

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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    Somerset Chamber of Commerce
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