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Aden Watkins (he/him)

Aden Watkins (he/him)

West Somerset Senior Health & Wellbeing Coach

Practices: I primarily support patients from Dunster and Porlock Surgeries but work across all 4 practices in West Somerset.

I'm really interested in: I feel very fortunate in my current role as it brings together a number of areas that I'm interested in and passionate about. I qualified as a Coach around 10 years ago and, since then, have used a coaching approach in many of my roles to support and empower people to make positive and meaningful changes to help them move forward. This has been especially useful while working in mental health, finding that it can be very powerful when grounded in a recovery and future-focussed approach.

I have a particular passion for supporting men's mental health too, recognising that stigma and discrimination still continues to exists around this topic. I'm keen to explore new ways to engage men in discussions around mental health, with areas like sport and physical activity offering great opportunities to open up these conversations in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

I like to move by: I love making the most of the Somerset countryside by planning long hikes in the hills locally. My children love to be outdoors too so we often explore new walking routes together or head to one of the many amazing local parks to round playing various games or sports! I've recently undertaken gardening too, finding it useful for both my physical and mental health. I would like to get back in to HIIT training and hill running too as that really helped with my fitness and overall wellbeing in the past. I just need to make the time!

Something else about me: I love to cook and try recipes from across the world! It's great to discover new flavours and ingredients with the family and it has encouraged them to get in the kitchen too!

Grace Cottrell

Grace Cottrell

West Somerset Health & Wellbeing Coach

07305 089944

Practices you'll see me in: You'll mainly see me in Watchet and Williton Surgery however I also lead group sessions across West Somerset.

I'm really interested in: I am very lucky to have worked in physical activity for all my life and it's an area I am very interested in, From starting as a personal trainer and spin instructor straight from college being able to help people find a passion for movement and enjoyment gave me so much fulfilment. Through my University studies I was able to improve my knowledge for movement switching from the everyday public to competitive and elite athletes.

I now spend my days promoting movement and healthier ways of living to those with long term health conditions – any movement no matter how great or small, no matter your size or ability can make you feel great.

Along my journey through personal training and training elite athletes I gained a passion for nutrition – I enjoy nothing more than breaking down diet stereotypes and empowering individuals to learn and discover the importance of a good balanced diet and how amazing it can make them feel.

I like to move by: I have always been happiest when training for something, I enjoy the challenge and accomplishment from achieving a goal I've set myself. In my younger days I was a competitive 400m hurdler, I loved the thrill of racing and making myself as fast as possible, I have now learnt to enjoy new challenges still through running but instead of how fast it's now how far, regularly taking part in long distance trail running events. It's a great chance to physically and mentally push myself.

Something else about me: when I was younger, I wanted to join the circus and learnt to juggle and ride a unicycle.

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Partners and Sponsors

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