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This Girl Can Week - June 2021

The past year has been such a roller coaster year and one that has seen mums like myself put everything on hold in order to balance work, home schooling, home life, friendships, family etc...looking after ourselves and making time to put US first has often been put to the bottom of the list and I think we've all suffered both physically and mentally. I know that I'm guilty of eating far too many comfort foods and hiding under the duvet when life has seemed too hard. Home schooling a 7 and a 10 year old was not easy!

It was the time that I did make for myself, the afternoons when I met with a friend to go for a run or a long walk, the days when I put some time aside to breath and do some yoga, those times really re balanced me and gave me energy, freedom and happiness. The one exercise a day with a person from a different household was a great motivation to get out and move more!!

This year I'm turning 40 and looking after myself, both physically and mentally is going right to the top of my list. Making the time to move more and keep fit as well as the time to pause and breath feels more important than ever. My constant exercise has always been walking with my dog Rocket (he used to be my running partner but he's now getting a bit old so he's been relegated to walking), going for long, brisk walks allows me to clear my head, escape the hustle and bustle of home and work life and get some gentle exercise. Habits have changed over the last year and I will more often than not choose to walk rather than drive. I have been building up to running more and I will definitely be adding more to my future fitness routines! There's nothing like a run to get the endorphins pumping!!

I've also started doing yoga at home with my partner...there are so many great videos on You Tube that make it easy to do yoga from home. Yoga makes me feel calm and strong and it's something that you can do a little or a lot of to fit around your daily life.

Reflecting back on the last year and looking forward to the year ahead I am definitely going to prioritise looking after my health both mentally and physically...I can be a better friend, business partner, girlfriend and Mum if I am feeling energetic, fit and healthy!!

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Partners and Sponsors

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