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School Games Competition Rules

Please note, for all secondary school boys and girls team competition (unless stated otherwise by the NGB), children may only play for one year group at a county final.


Athletics Summer Term 2018

Quadkids Athletics











Year 3/4 Tri golf

Teams of 10 (5 boys and 5 girls)

Year 5/6 Tri Golf

Teams of 10 (5 boys and 5 girls)

Each team will carousel around 8 stations accumulating points at each station. The below Pdf details the different stations.

There is a separate competition for each combined year group (year 3/4 and 5/6)

Key Steps Gymnastics

KeySteps1 (Y1/2) Floor

KeySteps1 (Y1/2) Vault (1)

KeySteps1 (Y1/2) Vault (2)

KeySteps 2 (Y3/4) Floor

KeySteps 2 (Y3/4) Vault




Parallel Games

Parallel Games

Category A For Special Schools or pupils from Mainstream Schools with significant physical or learning difficulties (If mainstream Schools do not have enough pupils in this category we will make a team from 2 or more schools)

Category B For mainstream school pupils with moderate physical or learning difficulties.

Category C For pupils with mild learning difficulties who are unable to access mainstream competition.

Wheelchair Basketball: See document below for Rules

A) Teams of 3

B) Timed Games

C) The aim is to pass the basketball to the catcher who must catch the ball without bouncing inside the hoop.

D) The session will start with some coaching and practice

Badminton Benchball: See document below for rules

Teams of 6

The aim is for participants to feel confident using their batting skills in an adapted game situation.

Sports Hall Athletics

Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 -

Each team consists of 8 -12 Athletes. The distances and times recorded are transferred to an excel spread sheet which calculates the points awarded for each event Each athlete will compete in all of the following activities, however there are adapted versions depending on their athletic impairment group. Helpers please feel free to help support or balance your athletes as they do the events. We will have leaders from Richard Huish College who will be able to assist. After last years' experience I know some athletes will require us to be creative with the way we adapt the activity to allow it to be accessible to all.

Field Events: Standing Long Jump, Speed Bounce, Hi Stepper, Target Throw, Chest Push, Javelin

Track Events: 4 x 1 lap relay and 4 x 1 lap hurdle relay

Please see below the link for all the activities and the adapted versions.




1) Each Innings will be 27 Good balls

2) Squad of 9-12

3) There is no specific batting order ie bowler, backstop, 1st base, 2nd base etc. There never has been, it may have been a local level interpretation. However the order must be declared to the umpire before the innings commences and they must stick to this order for the innings. If a game is more than one innings then the order can be changed each innings as long as the umpire is informed before the second innings commences

4) A live batsman can only be out if the base they are running towards is stumped. Therefore if base 4 is stumped while a batsmen is running between 1 & 2 or between 2 & 3 it has no effect on the game. Therefore once the ball has been released from 4th base the batsman can run on all the way around. They are NOT OUT and if they hit the ball in front they will score a full rounder. Or a half rounder if they did not hit the ball. (Obviously in the above scenario if the ball is returned to the bowler in the box before the batsman get to base 3 they can not continue running)

5) If a batsman stops at 3rd while base 4 has the ball and has been stumped and then continues to run on AFTER 4th base has released the ball then the batsman is not out but no rounder is scored


2018/19 Age Grade Calendar, the purpose of which is:

  • To provide a consistent national framework with flexibility to localise competitions and representative activity schedules.
  • To reduce over and under playing by providing a balanced playing programme.
  • To rationalise local competitions, ensuring fewer players play intense competitive matches every week in which the result is the sole outcome.
  • To promote and support dialogue between clubs, schools/colleges, academies and parents/guardians that prioritises the players.
  • It is not a "priority" calendar.

Competitions (leagues, cups, triangular festivals) for clubs should be added in the orange windows with school/college competition in the blue windows (blues are predominantly within academic term times).

Friendly matches and block fixtures may be organised at any point throughout the season however the organiser should be aware of the conflicting playing opportunities in that period and the effect this could have on their players.




Year 3/4 Mini Red Tennis

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

  • Sport England
    Sports Coach UK
    Somerset Chamber of Commerce
    Zing Somerset
    Somerset Skills & Learning
  • CPSU