Code of Conduct for Central Venue Tournaments


  • To wear the appropriate kit (including safety equipment. Shin pads must be worn for football. Gum shields and shin pads must be worn for hockey. Gum shields may be worn in Tag rugby but this only a recommendation )
  • To wear appropriate footwear – daps are not suitable
  • To support your team mates at all times
  • Treat opponents with respect and shake hands and do three cheers at the end of every match
  • Captain or team representative to thank the umpires/referees after each game
  • Not to question the decision of the referee or umpire


  • Encourage fair play at all times
  • Applaud both the opposition and your own team
  • Respect the fact that the referee/umpire's decision is final and is not to be questioned. Discuss any complaints with the teacher in charge who will then consult the tournament organiser NOT the referee/umpire themselves
  • Keep comments positive at all times, especially regarding young leaders umpiring/refereeing - they hear most comments from the sideline even if it is not directed at them.
  • Never use foul language
  • Please don't coach from the sidelines – positive encouragement works better – leave the teacher/coach to do the coaching
  • SASP are not responsible for the safety of parents. Please ensure you supervise any children you bring to spectate


  • To let the organiser know as soon as possible if you cannot attend a tournament
  • To distribute the code of conduct to all parents
  • To come prepared to umpire/referee if necessary
  • To ensure children are appropriately supervised at all times
  • Respect the fact that the referee/umpire's decision is final and is not to be questioned. Discuss any complaints the tournament organiser NOT the referee/umpire themselves
  • To feedback comments from parents and staff to event organiser
  • To explain to parents that these tournaments are about children ENJOYING playing some sport. It is not about WIN AT ALL COSTS
  • To keep coaching to a minimum from the sidelines
  • To liaise with the tournament organiser if there are any issues
  • To keep all feedback positive and towards both teams
  • To bring a first aid kit

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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    Somerset Chamber of Commerce
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