Active 30:30 and the '7 Hour Offer' - Ensuring young people have access to the right amount of daily activity

Active 30:30 and the '7 Hour Offer' - Ensuring young people have access to the right amount of daily activity

Posted: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 08:24

Active 30:30 and the '7 Hour Offer' - Ensuring young people have access to the right amount of daily activity

The Chief Medical Officers guidelines for 5-18 year olds states that 'the minimum requirements to maintain a basic level of health and wellbeing, is for children to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day'. This should be split between 30 minutes in a school environment and 30 minutes outside of school, forming the Active 30:30.

According to the Active Lives Children and Young People (CYP) Survey, 47% of children are doing less than 30 minutes a day across the week outside of school, and 59% inside of school.

This has led to some alarming health stats, showing that 82.5% of young people are not active enough to maintain good health. Sitting time is increasing for young people and physical inactivity is now the 4th highest leading risk factor for global mortality, even more so than obesity. To combat this, the School Sport and Activity Action Plan was put in place (July 2019), outlined by Education Secretary Damian Hinds, Sport Minister Mims Davies and Minister for Public Health, Seema Kennedy, and will set out a range of new measures to strengthen the role of sport within a young person's daily routine, explain how teachers and parents can play their part, and promote a joined-up approach to physical activity and mental wellbeing.

It also states that:

  1. All children and young people should take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day
  2. Children and young people have the opportunity to realise developmental, character building experiences through sport, competition and active pursuits
  3. All sport and physical activity provision for children and young people is designed around the principles and physical literacy, focuses on fun and enjoyment and aims to reach the least active

On a local level, this year, SASP in partnership with The Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC) of the University of Exeter, have undertaken a pilot project during the summer term, in which targeted schools in Bridgwater, Taunton and Chard were identified as having lower physical activity levels with its pupils. This project was used to find effective interventions and understand inactivity. The pilot was done with children in year 3 & 4 for 3 weeks, where the pupils had to keep a diary, use an accelerometer and take part in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) interventions. This was the beginning in being able to support primary school children with their inactivity. From September 2019, a funded research MSc student will work closely with several primary schools in Somerset to continue this work further and understand the perceptions of pupils, teachers and parents regarding physical activity in early life, and to explore ways in which activity can be delivered in the school setting. This project also includes a focus on the role physical activity might have on mental health, cognitive function and outcomes related to academic achievement.

As a key part of reducing inactivity in children and young people, SASP are committed to providing The '7 Hour Offer' for all young people in Somerset, ensuring that everyone has access to participate in 7 hours of physical activity every week (1 hour per day). To do this, SASP have identified the different stages of a young person's life and are proposing different offers and opportunities at each life stage both in curriculum time and outside of school in order for young people to stay active and healthy. Another important driver for SASP is to make sure that we have a stronger focus on less active young people. The offer will make sure that all young people have equal access to physical activity opportunities and that no one is left out.

In addition to the School Sport and Activity Action Plan, The Department for Education has also committed £2.5 million in 2019-20 to deliver extra training for PE teachers, help schools open up their facilities at weekends and during the holidays, and expand sports volunteering programmes to give more young people the opportunity to become sports leaders and coaches.

Sport England will invest an additional £2 million to create 400 new after-school 'satellite clubs' to get more young people in disadvantaged areas active, as well as additional funding to better coordinate sport programmes and competitions for young people.

The plan will build on the £1 billion that the Government has invested since 2013 to improve sport in primary schools through the PE and Sport Premium. This funding has already helped schools give more choice to their pupils - Bolton on Swale Primary School in North Yorkshire asked pupils what activities they wanted to try and used its PE and Sport Premium to offer canoeing, volleyball, climbing and table tennis. Sport England is also investing £194 million in children and young people between 2016 and 2021.

For more information on the Active Lives CYP survey, click here.

For more information on the School Sport and Activity Action Plan, click here.

To discuss anything further, please contact SASP CYP Lead, Nancy Murdoch on 01823 653990 or email

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