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Regional Award for SASP Member of Staff

Regional Award for SASP Member of Staff

Posted: Wed, 02 May 2018 19:55

Regional Award for SASP Member of Staff

We are pleased to announce that Sedgemoor School Games Organiser (SGO), Nancy Murdoch, has won the School Games Regional Award for Innovation.

Nancy has been rolling out a new programme called MOTIV8, and will now go through to the national round of competition at the national summit. MOTIV8 is a festival designed to engage more children into physical activity. Using the digital allure of computer games she has put together a festival that turns computer games into physical versions of the games children love. So far 5 festivals have been delivered and 250 children have taken part.

We know that a large group of children and teenagers still will seek the outdoors for sport and play, but in order to reduce inactivity within our young people in Somerset, Nancy came up with a creative way to engage with inactive pupils. Traditional sports still serve a wonderful and important purpose, but for those young people that do not seek exercise and outdoor play by themselves, we can entice them in through interactive play sets.

The rational for this, using the digital allure and the changing behaviours in young people, she has provided a new offer that better addresses their needs through fun, choice and freedom. Therefore, making the video games they love in to real life versions. Tablets and other interactive devices are so powerful as the child can pick it up, start playing and the games are designed to teach them all the skills they need. They are 'roped' in to the next game as it will automatically restart. They get to try and beat their personal best constantly. It is therefore a safe place to fail as you always get another go! Children find this incredibly addictive! It is this concept that has been transferred into physical games.

The impact on the children has been great.

"Our children loved it! They are going to tell the whole school about it in assembly. One of our grandparents commented: 'Jo gave it 10 out of 10. That's the first time I've heard him use that expression. He was so energised by the whole experience!'"

"It was really good motivating the children who do not normally perform so well in PE."

"I thought it was fantastic those children came away red faced and out of breath, so it did exactly what it set out to do. I also brought a child whose concentration normally wavers and he was on task all the way through."

Photo stills can be got from the MOTIV8 movie

For more details about MOTIV8 or if your school is interested in being involved, please contact enquiries@sasp.co.uk

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