Healthy Futures Home Videos

SASP Children and Family worker Dan Tremain has created 8 Healthy Futures videos (more to come to this page soon) in total for families to follow and take part in. Some of the videos include exercise, experiments and worksheets to complete. Healthy Futures is a project that is delivered in Primary Schools across Somerset which lasts for 6 weeks. We have taken parts of the lessons which we believe can be easily completed at home to give families something different to do. We hope families will take part in our Healthy Futures project from home. Please send us pictures and videos of your family taking part in Healthy Futures from home!

The Importance Of Exercise

This activity will allow families to take part in a fitness test called 'The Bleep Test' and also has a worksheet for families to complete. The challenge is to complete the test up to 4 times and each time try to beat your previous best score!

Access the bleep test by clicking the image below. To see an example of it filled it, click here.

The Human Body

This activity allows families to play a simple physical activity game against each other called 'The Body Parts'. Challenge yourself to find out information about different body parts to add these into the game. Remember you don't need a cone to play this game it could be a toy, ball or whatever you have in your house that is safe to use!

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

For this activity you will need to get in contact with your family members or friends through a phone call or FaceTime. This activity is called 'Helping Hands' and the aim is to fill out all the spaces in the hand drawing and contact different friends and family you haven't spoken to in a while.

Dental Hygiene

This activity is an experiment that lasts for one whole week. You will need 3 clear glasses or cups, 3 eggs, water, coke and vinegar. This experiment shows the effects of sugar, acid and water on our teeth. Keep an eye on the eggs take pictures every day to see the changes over the week take place.

Personal Hygiene

This activity has been a popular internet challenge recently to show what soap does for our body when we wash our hands. You will need a bowl, water, pepper and soap. Follow the video to see if the same happens for you at home! We have attached our '5 steps to clean hands' poster for families to use at home.

Staying Safe

For this activity the challenge is to create your own poster about 'Staying Safe' at home. Think about all the videos you've seen so far. What can you add into the poster? The video has some examples, but we think you could come up with lots more at home! Once you have finished your poster why not send us a picture of them or stick them on the fridge or in the window for the public to see?

To see an example of it filled it, click here.

Food & Nutrition

For this activity your challenge is to use the worksheet provided to create a 'Healthy Balanced Lunchbox'. Why not look at the Eat Well Guide online to see what you can add into your lunchbox? If you want another challenge can you try to make your lunchbox in real life just like the worksheet to eat the same foods?

To see an example of the lunchbox filled it, click here.

Active 30:30

The last activity is to fill out our 'Active 30.30 Diary'. Can you complete 60 minutes of physical activity over a 7-day week and record how you achieved this? You can add drawings and writing to show how you done this. Please don't forget to send us your pictures of your diary so we can see how you're achieving those 60 minutes per day!

Click on the image below to view and download our Family Activity Tracker. You can also see an example of how to use it by clicking here. You can also see an example of our Active 30:30 diary here.

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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