Early Years Physical Activity Audit

The Early Years Physical Activity Audit is an accredited physical activity audit that is designed to encourage settings to make their setting more active. The audit covers 5 core units:

  • Setting Overview
  • Physical Activity Provision
  • Workforce
  • Family Engagement
  • Learning

Each setting will be evaluated against each of these units. After a setting has reviewed the audit and self-assessed themselves a member of staff from SASP will arrange a suitable time to visit the setting and review the audit together. A successful audit will see settings:

1. Be able to achieve all of the criteria across all 5 units

2. Produce evidence when required against any of the criteria

3. Demonstrate how they as a setting value physical activity

For more information or to register your settings interest in the audit please contact skennard@sasp.co.uk or complete the expression of interest form below.

Early Years PA Audit Expression of Interest

Congratulations to the following settings that have completed the Early Years Physical Activity Audit:

Kamila's Childminding

Beehive Day Nursery

Ruishton Primary and Woodland Pre School

Willow Set Pre School

The Olive Tree Nursery

Westover Little Stars

Manor Court

Merriott Childcare

Fledglings Early Years Centre

Toybox Nursery

West Chinnock Play School

Andrew Rose Childminding

Dolphins Childcare Centre

Milverton Pre School

Lympsham Pre School

Yew Tree Pre School and Nursery

Physical Activity Audit Timeline:

For more information and to request an audit pack, please email skennard@sasp.co.uk

For those setting that have received an application pack and are in the process of reviewing their setting and accumulating evidence or for settings that would like to know a little more of what the audit may entail, we have provided some supporting information below for each of the units.

Unit 1 - Setting Overview:

This unit focuses on how settings plan, review and govern the physical activity at their setting. One of the main elements of this unit is to develop a physical activity policy, this will hopefully provide settings with an opportunity of understanding what is important to them and the people involved with the setting when it comes to physical activity.

Examples of evidence:

  • A clear physical activity policy has been developed by staff, families and children. This policy is free to view for everyone
  • Physical activity is promoted through display boards and on the setting website

Unit 2 - Physical Activity Provision:

This unit looks into the provision for physical activity provided at the setting. Ranging from large outdoor equipment to smaller indoor equipment, it is all important to develop physical activity and aids in the physical development of children. The unit will also challenge how physical activity provisions are reviews by children families and staff.

  • Examples of evidence:
  • Indoor and outdoor areas are maximised to enable physical activity
  • Equipment is stored safely and appropriately maintained.
  • External agencies are engaged to provide or support physical activity in setting
  • Staff provide interventions to encourage physical activity and physical development

Unit 3 - Workforce:

The workforces at settings are key to promoting a positive message for physical activity to children and families. However without the confidence or knowledge this can be a tricky scenario. This unit aims to look deeper into how the settings support staff. Although the physical activity audit encourages a dedicated physical activity lead it is the responsibility of the setting to show a holistic approach with the whole workforce promoting and understanding physical activity.

  • Examples of evidence:
  • Staff are positive role models, they engage with children whilst being active and model this in a positive way.
  • A dedicated member of staff takes lead of physical activity throughout the setting and has a clear description of their role.
  • Staff champion national campaigns themselves e.g. Change for life, This Girl Can, Race for Life, Sport Relief and other sponsored events.
  • Settings can demonstrate how they provide CPD opportunities for staff.

Unit 4 - Family Engagement:

Families have an important part to play when it comes to physical activity, they can be great role models through the things they say and actions they do. Throughout this unit we look at what settings are doing to engage families and support them with information that will develop their knowledge.

  • Examples of evidence:
  • Settings can show how they encourage families to use active travel to and from setting
  • Families are involved with physical activity session in and out of setting. Settings can quote that families have been encouraged to be more physically active and
  • Families are involved in developing the physical activity provision across the setting

Unit 5 - Learning:

The learning unit aims to make sure that settings are developing the understanding of the whys and how's of physical activity. It is important to share this message with not just children but also workforce and families, making everyone aware of the benefits of physical activity.

  • Examples of evidence
  • Children's observations of physical activity and development are well annotated

Tapestry journals are kept up to date

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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