During Pregnancy

Follow updates on the government website and the RCOG website for information about the government guidelines for pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are suggesting pregnant women be particularly stringent following social distancing (see information in the links above).

Why be active

There are loads of health benefits of moderate intensity exercising during pregnancy such as improved mood and sleep, a better labour and finding it easier to get back in shape after birth. There is no evidence that it will harm your baby but there are a few things to consider as your pregnancy progresses so we have brought together the key sources of information available to help you feel confident to enjoy an active pregnancy.

Planning your exercise

For the greatest health benefits for you and your baby, aim for the recommended physical activity for pregnant women (see infographic right) of 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week broken down however works best for you, 30 minutes a day, 10 minutes at a time – every minute counts!

If you were inactive before, start slowly, if you are active already keep going. Listen to your body and adapt as your pregnancy progresses and avoid activities where you may bump your bump. If you have any concerns about what physical activity is right for you speak to you midwife or GP. You will have days when you are not feeling great, you will just need to rest and that's fine, but doing what you can when you can will help you feel better and keep you and baby healthier overall.

There is lots of information on the NHS website about exercising when pregnant including what exercise is good to do, what to avoid, and specific exercises to try like pelvic tilts and pelvic floor exercises. Videos on how to do these exercises can be found at the This Mum Moves website.

The NHS website also has info on eating a healthy diet while pregnant, including what a healthy diet looks like which foods to avoid.

Check out the NHS physical activity for women during pregnancy information booklet on the Moving Medicine website. It breaks down the key considerations for pregnant women when exercising by trimester and provides a complete overview of how to exercise.

Ordinarily activities like exercise classes and swimming are recommended during pregnancy, however due to COVID-19 these activities are on hold for a while.

Ordinarily if attending an exercise class you would let your instructor know you are pregnant so they can make adaptations for you so this isn't possible stick with pregnancy specific workouts and listen to your body and adapt. See below for a selection of the free at home pregnancy workouts we at SASP like best!

You can also check out our fellow Active Partnership, Active Cheshire, and their Active Mum's page with lots of great resources to help keep Mums active at home.

Activities you can try

Tiff from SASP has put together a gentle 30 minute home workout suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

For an overview of the workout that you can do in your own time check out the video to the right.

Let us know how you get on with it on our socials (see the links at the top of this page). Have a great workout!

Follow our full 30 minute workout video to get lots of great tips and instruction to make sure you're doing the exercises with good technique and getting the most out of your workout.

Would you like to see more workouts like this? Or perhaps this isn't for you and you'd like something else? Get in touch with us via out socials (top of this page) or our contact details (bottom of this page) so we can create the kind of content you want.

Alternatively you can view, download or print the workout card.

Following the workout card or doing your own thing? Below is a pregnancy warm-up and cool-down you can use to rev up or wind down from your chosen workout.

If you are already walking then keep going! If not you could start and build up gradually. Why not try pre-natal yoga, you can access this via the free NHS pre and post-natal yoga class. Feeling a bit stressed out with everything that's going on? Trey meditation and unwind using the free NHS bedtime meditation session.

Keeping moving and gently stretching - there are lots of gentle exercises and stretches and informative videos about keeping moving during pregnancy on the This Mum Moves website. Why not start with this simple stretch that targets a common problem area for pregnant and new mums, the shoulders.

Home pregnancy workouts - join Juanita Steel LIVE on Facebook for befit4baby pregnancy workouts every Monday and Wednesday at 11am. If you miss the live stream sessions you can watch them back anytime.

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