Competition Fixtures & Results - 2019/2020

Annual Calendar

Small Schools Football, 26/9/19

1st = Catcott

2nd = Ashcott

Girls Football, 3/10/19

1st = Fairlands

2nd = Elmhurst A

3rd = Ashcott

4th = Elmhurst B / West Pennard

Large Schools Football, 8/10/19

1st = Stoberry Park

2nd = Elmhurst A

3rd = West Pennard

4th = St Pauls

5th = Catcott

6th = Elmhurst B

7th = St Benedicts

Secondary Sportshall, 22/10/19

Year 7 Girls = 1st=Selwood; 2nd=Oakfield; 3rd=Hugh Sexey; 4th=Crispin

Year 7 Boys = 1st=Crispin; 2nd=Hugh Sexey; 3rd=Selwood; 4th=Oakfield

Year 8 Girls = 1st=Selwood; 2nd=Hugh Sexey; 3rd=Oakfield; 4th= Crispin

Year 8 Boys = 1st=Hugh Sexey; 2nd=Crispin; 3rd=Oakfield; 4th= Selwood

Primary Sportshall, 24/10/19

Girls: 1st=Selwood; 2nd=Hugh Sexey; 3rd=West Pennard; 4th=Brookside; 5th=Oakfield; 6th=Walton; 7th=Catcott; 8th=St Vigor and St John; 9th=Horrington

Boys: 1st=Selwood; 2nd=West Pennard; 3rd=Hugh Sexey; 4th=Oakfield; 5th=Walton; 6th=Brookside; 7th=Catcott; 8th=St Vigor and St John; 9th=Horrington


Large Schools: 1st=Selwood(346); 2nd=Hugh Sexey(282); 3rd=West Pennard(276); 4th=Brookside(228); 5th= Oakfield(226); 6th=Walton(202); 7th= St Vigor and St John(164)

Small Schools: 1st=Catcott(176); 2nd=Horrington(94)

KS4 Badminton, 5/11/19

Girls: 1st= Millfield; 2nd=Wells Cathedral; 3rd=St Dunstans

Boys; 1st = Wells Cathedral; 2nd=Millfield; 3rd=St Dunstans

Large Schools Football, Frome, 7/11/19

1st = Hugh Sexey A

2nd = Oakfield A

3rd = Selwood

4th = Hugh Sexey B

5th = Oakfield B

6th = Kilmersdon

Primary Futsal, 8/11/19

Girls: 1st= St Benedicts; 2nd= Elmhurst

Boys: 1st= Upton Noble; 2nd=St Benedicts; 3rd= west Pennard+Elmhurst

Secondary Futsal, 8/11/19

Girls: Oakfield/ St Dunstans

Boys; Oakfield/ St Dunstans

Girls Football, Frome, 12/11/19

1st = St Pauls B

2nd = Oakfield

3rd = Hugh Sexey A

4th = Hugh sexey B

5th = St Pauls A

6th = Selwood

Year 11 Girls Hockey, 13/11/19

1st = Wells Blue

2nd = Crispin

Year 9 Girls Hockey, 14/11/19

1st = The Kings of Wessex

2nd = Wells Blue

3rd = Crispin

KS3 Badminton, 18/11/19

Girls: 1st = Millfield; 2nd = St Dunstans; Frome College and The Kings of Wessex

Boys: 1st = Millfield; 2nd = St Dunstans; Frome College and The Kings of Wessex

Year 10 Girls Hockey, 19/11/19

1st = The Kings of Wessex

2nd = Wells Blue

3rd = Crispin

Small Schools Football, Frome, 21/11/19

1st = Springmead

2nd = Upton Noble

Year 8 Girls Hockey, 21/11/19

1st = Hugh Sexey

2nd = Wells Blue

3rd = Oakfield/ Selwood/ Fairlands

Year 3/4 football, 26/11/19

Participating schools = St Pauls, St Vigor and St John, Beckington

Boccia, 28/11/19


1st = Shapwick

2nd = The Mendip School


1st = Shapwick

2nd = Brookside

Year 7 Girls Hockey, 28/11/19

1st – Wells Blue
2nd – Selwood
3rd – Fairlands
4th – H Sexey's
5th – Oakfield
6th - Crispin

Cyclo Cross, 9/1/20

1st = Elmhurst 1

2nd = Elmhurst 2

3rd = Brookside A

4th = Elmhurst 4

5th = Elmhurst 5

6th = Brookside B

7th = Elmhurst 3

Key Steps Gymnastics, 23/1/20

Year 3/4

1st = Elmhurst A

2nd = Elmhurst B

3rd = Elmhurst C

Year 5/6

1st = Elmhurst A

2nd = Elmhurst B

3rd = Hugh Sexey A

4th = Elmhurst C

5th = Hugh Sexey B

Key Steps Gymnastics, 30/1/20

Year 1+2; 1st=Beckington; 2nd=Mells; 3rd=Christchurch

Year 3+4; 1st=Beckington; 2nd=Springmead; 3rd=Mells; 4th=Christchurch

Year 5+6; 1st=Springmead

Year 5/6 Hockey, 7/2/20

1st = Springmead

2nd = Kilmersdon

3rd = Catcott

4th = Elmhurst

5th = Priddy and St Lawrence

6th = Hugh Sexey

7th = Horrington

Year 11 Netball, 27/2/20

1st = Wells Blue

2nd = The Kings of Wessex

3rd= Crispin

Year 10 Netball, 3/3/20

1st Wells Blue

2nd Frome

3rd KOW

4th St Dunstans

5th Crispin

Year 8 Netball, 4/3/20

The results are as follows:
1st Oakfield
2nd Wells Blue (equal on points went to goal difference)
3rd Selwood
4th Hugh Sexeys (again equal points went to goal difference)
5th Crispin
6th St Dunstans
7th Fairlands

Year 7 Netball, 10/3/20

1st - Oakfield

2nd - Selwood

3rd - Fairlands

4th - Crispin

5th - The Blue School

6th - Hugh Sexeys

Year 9 Netball, 11/3/20

The Blue -1st
KOW -2nd
Crispin -3rd
Frome -4th
St D's -5th

Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

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